Assignment 2 Edyoda Stories (solution and source code)

Assignment 2 Edyoda stories Page Exact Copy

Git Repo

click here to see Ui


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@kravikant249 :clap: Keep going

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how we can increase or decrease space between this cards ?

i tried margin, padding, gap but it not works…

@pjangale88 Share the code link so that we can help better.

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link -

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@atulfebe Can you please check this @pjangale88 issue ?

Pawan I have checked your code I can see here you have create card container and you given margin left or many other things
you should do one thing you should create a div inside side that div you should mention card container and you can give class as blogContainer or Whatever you want and write css


width : as mention in pdf
height : as mention in pdf
display : flex
margin: 20px auto;
gap:15px; or whatever you want

do these you can see your problem will solved

if you understand it will fine
otherwise you can call me on 7765011865

I’ll explain you on call.


@kravikant249 Thanks for helping him out.


thank you @kravikant249

it works…:smile: