Assignment-1 regarding doubt

// Question 3:
// Write a JavaScript program to create menu driven calculator that performs basic arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply and divide) using switch case. The calculator should input two numbers and an operator: +, -, *, / from the user. It should perform operation according to the operator entered and must take input in given format.
how can we do it i can not teach us .
only simply switch case can teach us .
please help me

@thakurvipinsingh2711 .

Go through the below link for better understanding.

Example 1: Switch Case example

Example 2: Arithmetic operations using switch case

in this case the prompt is not run in java script . it can run on window site .
Please tell me any other way where i can do it.

@thakurvipinsingh2711 ,

You can use prompt like below for getting input from user.

prompt("Enter values:");