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can you tell me the more about form tag

@dipakkardile71 forms are required to take input from the user who visits the website. This form is used basically for the registration process, logging into your profile on a website or to create your profile on a website, etc.

The HTML tag is used for creating a form for user input. A form can contain textfields, checkboxes, radio-buttons and more. Forms are used to pass user-data to a specified URL.



is there any display flex box whats that and how that display flex and display flex box is different from each other

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I need a link of git hub repository where the assignment related information is provided…
please help with the same

The HTML < form > element is used to create an HTML form for user input

The HTML < input > element is the most used form element.

An < input > element can be displayed in many ways, depending on the type attribute.

Here are some examples:

< input type=“text” > Displays a single-line text input field
< input type=“radio” > Displays a radio button (for selecting one of many choices)
< input type=“checkbox” > Displays a checkbox (for selecting zero or more of many choices)
< input type=“submit” > Displays a submit button (for submitting the form)
< input type=“button” > Displays a clickable button

sir/ma’am how to convert to source code into URL Link
anyone can you explain

@harshitrajlnctcse I want to know what next step I should follow after downloading the Visual studio file. I should directly download Live server or anything like Json should also be downloaded? Also my program whatever I write is showing the same program on browser and not run my web page. Can you help pls?

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hi team, i have one problem in my assinment2 link. my code file was upload in github wbsite. card size was changed automatically. .so i create new link in code sandbox but time was completed. so how to upload my correct link . in my html assinment2…this is my correct link…https://jqw5mv.csb.app/

plz tell me how to add some information & button to header.

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Kindly add the resource files in reference tab among every days session.


Anudeep sir I have an issue I created a registration form and everything but I am unable to make my radio head display in single line is used css display :inline but also I can’t perform it plz point out where is my mistake

Hi, can you please explain me about div, like what is its function ,why do we use it?

Hi sir, Can u please post the accurate code for assignment edyoda stories and nuuk page

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Hi @shebilanto777 ! All resources are available in the Curriculum on the classroom portal. However, you can ask your instructor in the live session to show them to you. Attaching the screenshot for your reference -

Put your radio text in a span tag

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