About Python certification exam

I did not getting any marks in second round , while i have submitted all codes pls recheck it.

This is Harishwaran G from data scientists batch (DS140223). I have done certification exam yesterday (11.06.2023). In round 1 I got 190/200. In my round 2(project building) my code is running without errors in exam portal and vs code also but my testcases are not passed. It showing 0/200 in round 2. I think my code is almost correct. I attached screenshots of my page and code is running properly at the end of exam. So please revaluate my project and provide me marks for my code.

Hi @mishraprashant5026 and @harish25.in , please reach out to Support Team with your queries and attach the images. You should get a response tomorrow - don’t worry.

i contact support team many times but there is no reply from them

You will likely receive it tomorrow as the business hours are over. Don’t worry, once your queries get reviewed, if it wasn’t a fault in your coding then you’ll get a resolution. Otherwise, you can opt for reattempt for the next Certification.