About Node Exam

@drishtinayak2828-TA , @kuldeepsingh1828
I have missed few classes in node.js because I was not well . I have got to know about a node exam. Please give me some details about this exam

  • When will be this exam be conducted?
  • Why I am not able to see the exam details in edyoda classroom portal?
  • Can I reschedule the exam?
  • What is the purpose of this exam?

Please resolve my query
Thank you

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Hi dear we understand your concern you need to ask all why you are able to see exam in your portal to support team at hello@edyoda.com by mailing them only this exam will be conducted after the completion of mongo db and node js module yeah you easily reschedule your exam there is an option for that only if you are not finding that then let me know i will help you out for that also and this exam is conducted for your betterment in future for technical rounds you have a better hands on practice then also Hope you got answers of your all questions if anything more feel free to reach out to me .