A special Thanks to our tutor Aysha ma'am

Dear @aysha.p ,
Thank you very much for improving our communication skills.
The way you took the class very calmly and supported everyone. And I have never seen you raise your voice in class. Also you never criticized any student, you kept correcting them politely.
But we are looking forward to more such sessions.
And a request to the Edyoda team, if possible make a communication class for 30 days. That would be pretty cool. There has been a huge change in the last 10 days.

Everyone was shy on the first day, but today everyone wants the film analysis video to be played in the class without any shyness.

Thank you very much Ayesha . And wishing you good health and a successful career.

Also thanks to @dristinayak2828-TA & @titiksha.chakraborty maam. Whenever we have any question she is there to help us.
Thank you so much ma’am for always being there for us.


You’re welcome! I’m glad I could assist you. Keep up the great work, and continue learning and exploring new things. Your dedication and effort are truly commendable. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. Best of luck in your studies!


Thank you very much maam, your words means a lot to me

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Thank you, Rishav. Your words mean a lot. All the best for your future :slight_smile: