Youtube gallery resubmission

hi am from batch name is b manisha i have submitted the link but i was failed i have given correct link please once check below screenshots and hosted link.


My results are out for the youtube inspired gallery and i have been notified that no link was provided by my side but i provided the link , I don’t know how the link didn’t work here i am providing my link kindly check and regrade my assignment. I am providing my link once again kindly check that.

Hello mem good evening how are you i hope you are fine. My name is B.Manisha before some days i received your mail regarding youtube galley. Please check and submit using hosted link.
i request you please delete my old so i will resubmit my link again

this link will open in your computer but it will not open in others.
try to deploy it in web and then provide the deployed link.
if you dont know how to deploy. then serach on youtube(how to deplay a react app in netlify) then provide that deployed link.