Word Master - Weekend Activity

Hey there :wave:
Here is another fun activity for this weekend.

Let your imagination run wild as you explore the vast possibilities hidden within each of these words.


Create maximum number of words from each of these given words.


live, bell, able, veil, livable, label, unveil, eel, leave, lean, line, vain, level, believe, eve, nail, lane, bee, ball, unable, believable, nib, alive, vein, alive, alien, villa, commit, nation, caution, onion, no, tom, omit, union, notion, atomic, autonomic, account, action, cocoa, port, unity, unit, turn, top, rout, put, root, nut, run, too, poor, pour, ton, print, portion, option, point, pout, tutor

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Unbelievable: Bee, Been, Bill, Blue, Eve, Evil, Lie, Line, Live, Nil, Unable, Able, Unveil, Ban
Communication: Cut, Nut, Ton, Tin, Out, Ant, Act, Cat, Can, Main, Icon, Coin, Aim, Aunt, Comic, Common, Union, Con, Aim,
Opportunity: Pot, Top, Toy, Put, You, Try, Out, Our, Pin, Pop

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