Winner of the Visionary Challenge for FSR Program

Hi everyone!

The response to this challenge was so great! It was truly exciting to see all of you who participated, putting your knowledge and skills to work. Most of you went outside of your way and implemented technical skills that was truly awesome to see.

I am happy to announce the winner of the first Visionary Challenge for FSR Program-
@namanmutyal36 :rocket: :star_struck: :metal: Naman Mutyal from FSR310323!

The decison was made based on the originality of the idea, meeting all the criteria laid down, and factors such as-
**1. Providing good content
2. Followed logical steps
3. Presentation and no errors in the code

I congratulate @sumanthkoradala2107 for the hard work and dedication he put in. I hope to see you achieve great success :heart:!

I also want to give credit to @dasdebjyoti111 , for awesome presentation of the website! It was a tough competition, but this was one of the fanciest websites I have seen! Good work, I hope to see more from you in the future!

See you all in the next event! :grin:


Thanks for this event
Its Great time for me and Enjoyed a lot while creating this website.
I am glad to tell you, Its my 1st website.
All the peoples who joined FSR program or whoever wants, start creating the website.
Start the 1st step you will reach the top very soon…


Thats amazing @namanmutyal36

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Congratulations @namanmutyal36