VS Code Setup - Unable to install python extension

I am unable to install the python extension as there is an error showing
“Error while installing ‘python’ extension. Please check the log for more details.”

Please help me to resolve this issue.


Try reinstalling the VSCode

I have tried this 2 times, additionally I have reinstalled python also but its showing same error.

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Hi @yogeshbhardwaj1001 have you ensured your network connectivity is stable?
cc. @zk6290254938 and @kaushal.kk37.kk, can you provide some resolution here?

yes my network connectivity is perfect. I think its the issue related to vs code.

Try reinstalling Python IDLE once, otherwise, you can go through the live session where the instcurtor shows how to install VS Code. You can also go through some self-help videos on YouTube.

I have done all the things and also took help from YouTube but still unable to resolve this issue.

@yogeshbhardwaj1001 Please ask the instructor during the live session today.


Have you checked the logs?

Yes, I have already checked but don’t get any solution.


Have you told this today in the session to instructor?