toFixed() function

when we use toFixed function to float to get value why it is converted into string
can u explain toFixed() function

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same problem sir when i attend the quiz

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Hello @karishmanaidu208 @rajadhoundiyalpda5
The toFixed() method in JavaScript is used to format a number with a fixed number of decimal places, and it returns the resulting number as a string.

When you call toFixed() on a floating-point number, the method returns a string representation of that number with a fixed number of decimal places. This is because the method is designed to format the number as a string with a specific number of digits after the decimal point.
For Example,

const num = 3.141592653589793;
const numFixed = num.toFixed(2);
console.log(typeof numFixed); // output: string

@rajadhoundiyalpda5 @rajadhoundiyalpda5

you can wrap
const num = 1234.56789;
const decimalPlaces = 2;
const fixedNum = Number(num.toFixed(decimalPlaces));
console.log(fixedNum); // Output: 1234.57
console.log(typeof fixedNum); // Output: “number”

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