The Github is asking for to verify domain name while uploading the Assignment pages

Hi Rakesh,
As per the deadline i had prepared assigmanet and trying to upload on the git hub in order to get the valid link. but while i am trying to upload the github throwing the message to verify the domain name first here i am stuck and not able to move further. please suggest on the same.
for more clarification giving you the steps that i followed,
Login to Github->clicked on the Myprofile present in the top-right corner->Then choose settings->Clicked on the pages-> here no dialogue box for uploading files insted it showing the alert message for creation of domain name.


Hi @justdecodeme, please help the student here.

Hi @pankajp0099, you can mention the person you want to reach out to by tagging them. Simply press Shift + @ symbol. Start typing the name of the person, in case of your instructor - it is ‘justdecodeme’, and then click on the name once it appears. I hope this helps.