Showing Not Qualified

Dear madam @aysha.p,
I have score 104 out of 150 (69.3%)in Job Focused Professional Communication Certification exam .But it is more then 90 marks or 60% but still not Qualified for certificate. As you tell in class that we have score more then 90 marks for Qualified for certificate.

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Hi dear, you are right about that point. To pass, you need to secure more than 90 marks, which means you must score at least 30 in round one and at least 60 in round two. So, the total passing requirement is as follows:

Round 1: Score at least 30
Round 2: Score at least 60
However, it’s important to note that you have to pass each round individually. In other words, you must meet the passing criteria in both rounds separately. For example, if you scored less than 60 in the second round, the first statement doesn’t hold true because you did not fulfill the second statement (individual round passing criteria).

I hope this clarifies my point, and now you can see that the statement about obtaining 90 marks will only work if you fulfill the passing criteria for both rounds individually.