Self Introduction Format

Hello everyone,

In today’s class we will be discussing how to introduce ourselves in various social and professional settings. As part of your assignment, you are required to record a self introduction video of yourself and post the link of your video under the assignment section.

Kindly note : This applies to working professionals as well.

Here are two different examples that you can make use of while preparing your self introduction.

Example 1:

Hello, my name is (insert your name). I am from (mention the name of your place and the state you belong to). (If you are working professional you can add -I am a (designation). I have completed my (degree/post graduate degree/certification in ……) from (name of the college). I am good at (mention relevant technical skills you have related to your background). My skills include (mention 2-3 skills relevant to your field). I am passionate about (2-3 key interests). I am excited about this opportunity and wish to contribute to the company’s mission

Example 2: You can click on this link
[Introduction for interviews - Google Docs]

You can upload the video on and paste the link in your classroom, under self introduction assignment. If you are facing any issues with uploading it on, you can upload it on google drive-give access- and share the link under assignment page