Revise Callbacks | Callback Hell | Everything about Promises in JS

Learning Revise Callbacks | Callback Hell | Everything about Promises in JS

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Quick Notes for Promises.

1. They are special js objects.
2. They act like a placeholder for some future task.
3. They avoid problem of inversion of control.
4. They has 4 major property.

        1.  status/state
        2.  value.
        3.  onFullfillment -> this is an array []
        4.  onRejection

5. Status/State -> status or state can have 3 possible value.
                    1.  pending.
                    2.  fullfilled.
                    3.  rejected.

6.  When status is pending value will be undefined.
7.  When status is fullfilled or rejected value will be updated to new value.

8.  Value -> it act like a placeholder till the time Promises finishes.

9.  onFullfillment ->
                    1.  This is an array which contains functions that we attach to our promise object.
                    2.  To promise object, we can attach some function using .then() method.
                    3.  when value is updated from undefined to new value. JS has given chance to these attached function 1 by 1 with value property as their argument.
                    4.  But only when call stack and global code is done.

10.  How to create a promise and return ?
        1.  Call promise constructor and pass a callback.
        2.  This callback expects two argument
            1.  resolve.
            2.  reject.
        3.  Inside this callback, we can do some operation and based on logic we can resolve and reject.
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