Related to 10% marks deduction

Dear Sir/ma’am,
My name is Rishav Raj,Batch CB120623.
Assignment Name: Self Introduction video

As this assignment is submitted on time .
I just do extra effort and shoot 1 extra video and also upload that file too.
First file is submitted before time
But 10% deducted from my total marks .

Kindly update my marks .

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I submitted 2 files

1st file at 11:54 am (tentative time)

2nd file uploaded at 12:07pm

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Hi @rishavraj1997india , based on the screenshot you yourself have shared - please check the date and time of submission carefully.

As evident from the image - the deadline for submitting the assignment was at 11:59 AM - which, for your better understanding - refers to the moment just before it becomes 12 PM in the afternoon.

Again, as evident from the picture, you submitted your asignment at 12:07 PM, which is 7 minutes past the deadline.

10% deduction is a part of our protocol and will not be changed under any circumstances.

While I understand the effort you surely have put in creating the assignment, you should be more careful about the timings of submitting the assignments.

Please focus on upcoming assignments and check the due date and due time carefully, and always try to be punctual!

All the best!

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Dear ma’am
I submitted two files
Please check that first file which is submitted before 11:59am

I had one extra video so I thought I should submit that video too…
So I submitted that video also on portal by editing submission.Thats why the submission time is showing 12:07 pm.
Kindly check the first file with name rishavraj.mp4…
I am attaching screenshot of Google drive showing actual upload time.

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Hi @rishavraj1997india , while I undertand that, the time you shared on your device doesn’t matter as our portal captures the time when a submission is received in its internal database.

As is evident, your files were received in its entirely at 12:07 PM which is late than the due time.

That is why, we have always advised to submit your assignments before the due time to avoid things like this.

I hope this is clear now, that you need to be careful when uploading your assignments and don’t wait till the last moment to submit it.

Nothing can be done about the 10% deduction. Please focus on upcoming assignments.

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Even I have the same problem

Hi @ritheshchandra1707 , please check your submission timing. You’ve submitted it at 7:48 PM. The due time was 11:59 am.

Please be more careful when it comes to checking the submission timings.