Regarding the quiz

Hello mam
I am from batch FSR130623 ,name-Bheemanpally Manisha

By mistake I have submitted the quize-1,3,4,5,7,8in java script and quiz-2,3 in CSS and got failed please help me to reattempt it mam .
Or what can I do now.
Please mam…

Hi @bmanisha6264 , we can enable the resubmit the option for you, but keep in mind that there would be 10% deduction in marks since for some quizzes, the deadline has expired. If you are okay with that, let me know. I will enable the resubmit button and you can resubmit your quizzes.

am ok mam.please enable

mam please enable for me .

Hi @bmanisha6264 , your submissions have been deleted. Please resubmit, and keep in mind there would be 10% deduction since due date is passed.