Regarding PRM Module

Is PRM compulsory or optional for placement access, if compulsory can you tell me when will the next batch start from??


PRM is necessary for Placement.
Next PRM will start hopefully in the mid of next month.

Hi @kharshavardhan31, PRM is an important element however, the requirements for applying for jobs are two -
1. Clearing PRM
2. Appearing for at least 1 certification.

If you meet either of the two requirements, you will be able to apply for Jobs once the Placement button gets enabled for you.

There is no official date regarding the next PRM. You will be informed about it later via mail. But for now, concentrate on working towards improving yourself to be prepared for the jobs once you start applying.

iam pass in the prm and i got a certification in certification exam but how can i apply for the job


Have you got the prm certificate?