Regarding placements and recruitment

How many of you are getting placed i doubted though. i have completed my python and prm in one try and got 83 % in python certification.

I’m really not understanding what edyoda is doing for students like me ?

Im PRM they have taught how to create resume and all, which i followed the same, still why i’m not getting placed ??? I haven’t yet shortlisted to single job .


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Hi @kinnukeshiya , Placement Journey is not an easy journey to embark on and it has several trials and errors. Right from the start it was made abundantly clear that very few people can get placed right after they complete a particular program.

As I can check, your program is still ongoing. I have some insights to share with you - please go through them patiently and try to change your perspective.

  1. You have recently applied for 15 companies, of which, most are outside of your domain.
  2. You did not qualify in the Telephonic Round with PowerSchool and Lincod due to communciation issues.
  3. You appeared for an assessment for Cloud Plinth and didn’t qualify due to coding mistakes.
  4. You are mostly applying for jobs which are Data Analysts and Data Scientists adjacent - jobs which prefer candidates with DS Certification, which you do not have currently.

All of the above points indicate that you need to pay more attention to the JD of each job you are applying for, and prepare yourself a little bit for for the preliminary interview rounds.

While it can be frustrating and exhausting to apply for jobs, but dedicated and effective learning and practices of the technologies you are well-versed in will result in success eventually.

Since you have cleared Python Certification and have a great score, please apply for jobs which require Python in their JD.

Also, for more Placement related support - be active on the Chat feature available in the Placement section on your Classroom portal between 6:30 to 7:30 PM.

→ Log in to Classroom
→ Go to Placement Button
→ You can see Chat button in the bottom right

You can also get job updates in the Telegram group, link available in the Placement Section.

I hope this clarified any doubts you have. All the best for your future!

same question i have to ask edyoda. no one is placed yet

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@vaishu.swap10112016 , if you have placement related queries and need direct support from the Placemengt Team, you are more than welcomed to reach out to them via Chat feature everyday between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM from the Placement Button available on Classroom portal. They will be able to help your and guide you where necessary.