Regarding Java script quize-5

Hello mam
Iam from batch FSR130623

By mistake I have submitted the quize-5,6 and got failed please help me to reattempt it mam .
Or what can I do now.
Please mam…

Hii chandiniat456, I am your new Teaching Assistant for the batch FSR130623. Do you want to reattempt quiz 5 or 6?

Hello nice to talk with u, thank you for replying. I want to reattempt both the quizes if possible
it’s a request.

same for me mam i want to reattempt the quiz

Hlo mam, please reply to my query.

Hii chandiniat456, sorry for the late reply. Please share your student name with me so that I can reset the quiz for you.

Please share your students name so that I can reset the quiz for you.

Hlo mam, my name is Megharani from batch FSR130623.

I have reset quiz 5 and 6 for you so now you can go ahead and attempt them again.

All the best!

Thank you soo much mam.