Regarding grading in js

as i score 90 in my 1st quiz n 80 in 2nd quiz and in the assignment i got 100 in JS but my JS grade is showing only 67 how did you scored me could you plzz explain @titiksha.chakraborty
i m from batch FSR230523.

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I think some new quizzes and assignments are opened for you in your classroom portal and by default software is considering 0 marks for those quizzes and assignments and your grade will increase once all those graded.
You will be having accurate percentage at the end of a module evaluation for that same module.

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for me only why so, everybody of my batch has graded accurately …

It’s the same for everyone @nirmalc00010 , based on the grades you get for the submissions which are evaluated, and the upcoming quizzes and assignments, the overall grades will fluctuate.

Do not focus on that and instead focus more on getting good scores for your assignments and quizzes.