Regarding final project

I am venkatesh from batch FSR130623 I submitted the hosted links of javascript final project, both github and glitch links. I didn’t copied from another person. Now I am sending my code screenshots, github code link and hosted link also glich links. Please revalidate carefully and regrade my final project.

GitHub Code Link : [GitHub - venkatesh-chitte/venkatesh ]
GitHub Hosted Link : [Home Page]

Glitch Code Link : [Glitch :・゚✧]
Glitch Hosted Link :


@sahityasingh1211 and @dharshinim.ug20.cs please see this.

@titiksha.chakraborty @venkatesh.chitte48

Can i know most of the students have submitted Assginment having profile pic at the top right corner as same. Can you please tell me whose photo is this?

the profile pic has taken from the reference website. that give along with the final project.
i think that it is mandatory to place the same profile pic so that i am placing that profile pic

@venkatesh.chitte48 Ok! your assignments were graded already!