Regarding communication bootcamp certification exam

Hi, @shivrajrtandale98

I am malini from Batch DS240623. Today I attend the communication boot camp certification exam, Round 2. But I can’t submit my project video link because of some technical issue or any other network issue I really don’t know about the problem. I sent the mail regarding this to the support team. In the reply mail from your support said, they will submit the link to the portal, is that okay for my certification? I am sure, I did my project video before 03.30 PM but I was really not able to submit the link, now totally confused about my certification, and I am afraid of my marks.

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hiii mam am preethvi
i have done my 2nd round but cant submit my link because some network issue
then i send the mail regarding the support team.the team was repled to submit the backend team.any suffered for my marks?

@malinikv08 Don’t worry it will be done if support team has replied you.