Regarding certification

@aysha.p Hello mam I have completed the communication bootcamp program and also got overall grade above 60% and in final quiz i have score 48 marks and only forgot to submit script till receive the mail to entroll for new batch. Please mam look into it ASAP. I have also miss only 2 lec and score good marks in every quiz also.

Hello @khairnarpratik151298
You can directly send me the link for your film analysis script. It is very important to submit both the script and video for your group presentation.

Hello mam,
Please check the link for script as mentioned.

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@aysha.p Hello mam anyupdate regarding my certification. I have submit the script link now and also complete the module with overall grade 70%.

is my exam completed, here it is showing like this

@aysha.p Hello mam i have completed all the lec and assingment and quiz for communication bootcamp.Also got grade above 70%. I have repeat attend the new batch and complete all things.Till all the submission and completion i have done is not replect in my current overall grade and all submission. In my cureent batch is all show overdue or pending. Please mam look into it. It’s also effect my attendence and all.