Regarding Assignment 1


Respected Ma’am, @pirjadesimran815
Regarding question no. 1 and 3.
My 10 marks have been deducted in the following questions because input from user isn’t included in my code.
But there’s nothing mentioned in the question that input from user must be included. Hence , I think there’s no point of cutting marks ! Kindly checkout.
Aditi Chatterjee

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Hi kindly tell this same thing your respective TA , they will consider this surely!!

Cool dear… @aditichatterjee2504
This is only first assignment…this will not affect your score much… there are lots of upcoming. Practice more in that way and do well in upcoming assignments. You can do better next time. You needs to think out of the box and do something additional so that your submission gets full marks. Just doing the thing is not enough and full marks depend on an extra flair that you adds to the submission. I will talk about this to technical team & sorry for inconvenience…

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