Reg:- Assignment Submissions

I Submitted My All Assignments Through Codepen Webiste…
when I Checked My Assignment Submission Links its Showing Current Submitted Assignment…
my 1st assignment was Favourite Food Web Page ,when I Opened That Submitted Link Its Showing My Javascript Assignmnet Output…,
Is There Any Problem In That???

All My Assignment Submitted Links are Showing Like This Only…
kindly look At this issue ASAP…

You have to use different pen for each assignment and their link should be unique. If you used the same then it will overwrite the code.

yeah Sure From now onwards i’ll use Different pen for each assignment…
Then what About My Past Submitted Assignments How They Will Evaluvate My Assignments?.. Shall I Re-Submit The Assignmets Or Not???

For me also same problem. How can we create a new pen.

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@naveenthavidishetti1 ,

Reach out to your TA and let them know the issue and send them the previous assignment link in MS Teams

@pavanpk1802 ,

Click on this pen and type your code

Edit the Assignment name here