Reconsider the assignment 3 evaluation Functions & Modules

Hi Adil @adilaziz2013 ,

Reconsider the evaluation of assignment 3 Functions & Modules. Pls check the attachment and assignment link given below. Which I have provided in assignment page, I have got the exact output for all the equations in given formats.

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Chakravarthi K

I have deducted marks because the input has to be taken directly inside the function as an argument. Kindly check.


def sum_list(input_list):
# This is a function to add all the elements in a list
total = 0
# Initiating variable total to zero

for i in input_list:
    # Iterating each element through the input_list
    total += i
    # Adding the current element to the total

return total
# Returns the total, i.e., the sum of all elements in the list


sum_list([1, 2, 3, 4, 5])

Output: 15