React Final Project

Hello Sir/Ma’am, I Ojasvi Mathur from batch no.FSR270523 has submitted the react final project (Admin Panel) but i got 0 because of the login reason i just wanted to tell that the login page has to same username and password .The passord and username should be same then the login will proceed. so i am submitting my both url here see to it please and i
request u to re-evaluate it
url- Glitch :・゚✧

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@shivendra1751 please check this.

Thanx @ojasvimathur06 for your response, it will get evaluated soon.

Still the issue is there, please re check it and specifically mention here the username and password for the login.

the pasword -ojasvi

and username-ojasvi

both should be same

please do re-evaluate it

It has been evaluated.