React assignmaent-1

From batch FSR130623 my assignment-1 is not showing correct output so they told me to share the output link, now I am submitting the output link : React App.
Please regrade my assignment.

your link showing like this only.
Please share your output screenshot.Then it will be regraded.

Mam for me also same issue

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@ananthkumar9293 you assignment was regraded!

Thankyou Mam for your quick response

Output Screenshots…

@chandiniat456 Your assignments were regraded!

Thank you for sharing your output screenshot.
Please from next time onwards submit along with hosted link.

Thanks & Regards
Dharshini M

Thank you soo much mam for ur quick response. Next time I will not repeat this mistake again.

@chandiniat456 Your welcome!

Have a Happy Learning!