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Just wanted to bring a couple of things to your notice.

17-May-2023 - As far as introducing oneself goes, I believe it is to introduce oneself and convey things about us. So ideally if I introduce myself it would be to tell the other person about me, and not to get to know the other person better. I feel like either the option is wrongly marked or the question is not framed well.

19-May-2023 - I strongly believe both the answers are right. In fact, “had waited” for him… would be a better fit as it denotes the past nature of the action better. Or if it is a continued action, “have been waiting” for him… would be better.

23-May-2023 - Again, this is a very subjective question. Personally I believe there should have been multiple options here. For some people, fear of pubic speaking comes from the lack of knowledge, which they overcome by reading more. For others, it is merely anxiety or fear of crowd or past experiences, which is overcome by trying to calm down by listening to music and podcasts. And yet for some it is just the lack of confidence, which can be overcome by speaking and and practicing more.

24-May-2023 - Again this is something that is highly debatable but I strongly believe action words on a resume have more role than just to showcase your language skills; a well written cover letter can serve the same purpose. Action words sort of portray an individual as an active contributor, a go-getter ; basically someone who gets the job done, in contrast to persons who refrain from using action words. They seem laid back and passive.

I wanted to be super sure and thus I even did some research today. You may find the link here as well.

The reasons I pointed these out and am seeking rectifications for the same, is because these are greatly affecting my scores. Having a lower score here does not, in any way, mean my communication is bad and does not impact me in any way. But it will impact what my scores look like on my certificate, which in turn affects the entire hiring process, as these certificates are going to serve as the initial metrics for individual evaluation.

Kindly requesting you to look into these as soon as possible and do the needful.

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Hello @nehasagar1999,
I understand your concern about some of the questions in the quiz. You have raised valid points above and I appreciate your patience and understanding. Despite our best efforts, mistakes can sometimes occur while creating the quizzes.

I assure you that your concerns are heard and will be taken seriously.

I understand your concern about the scores affecting your overall performance. However, I would like to bring to your notice that even though the quizzes are graded, it is your final assessment scores (which is scheduled on Sunday) that will qualify you for the certification. If you score more than 60% in your final assessment, you will be receiving the Communication Bootcamp certificate which is important for placement.

I would advise you to focus on the upcoming assessment. Do not worry, the quiz answers are kept keeping the majority of our students’ interests in mind.

Best regards,

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