Quiz 8:-(FSR310323)

@athira_ta_fsr automatically submitted the quiz when i am not selecting 8 and 9 question

Can you please elaborate your query @abhishek.krspatna . Mention which quiz you are talking about.

@titiksha.chakraborty sir i am talking about HTTP quiz its auto submitted after attending 7th number question and its also auto select 8th and 9th ques without attempt. please resolve this issue asap

Hi @abhishek.krspatna , not to worry. As a one time exception, I can delete your quiz submission, but you have to retake it again. Please let me know if you are comfortable with that, and I’ll proceed with it.

@please do sir sorry for late reply bcz last 10 days i am bzy with some personal work…

Hi @abhishek.krspatna , as per your confirmation, the quiz submission is deleted. However, since the due date has passed, there will a deduction, but you can reattempt your quiz.

thank you so much sir

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