Question Answer Wrong in Python certificate Prep. Module

In quiz 2 : Operators in python . Q.8 Answer must be True but they are showing False please review it and give No. according to it


Please share the screenshot of the question.


Why the answer will be true … have you tried running the code?


Try once in vscode, because I am getting the different answer

yup there is different now i am sad for this shit don’t mind it bcoz it hurts but why on this it shows true.


It might be the problem with compiler.

Can i see your output
mam ?


its only false in jupyter in pycharm,vscode and online compilers its True


Can you tell me the reason why it will be true?

I know “is” check that both variable point to the same object in memory i am not arguing you but why famous sites and IDE prefers it True in case of False.


No issues, I will check it and update you what’s the correct answer for it.


Jupyter is showing the wrong output.i cross checked it
Will ask support team to correct the option of the question.


Please look into it the answer of the question is given wrong.

Will look into it. Hoowever, don’t worry, these assignments and quizzes in the Python Certification Preparation modulde are only there for practice and will not contribute towards your overall marks as they are not graded. @mohitkrishnia26 @zk6290254938