In my 1st attempt I cleared my 1st round with good score and in 2nd round(Project building) even though I managed to put all my effort and performed and I got failed so please once correct it manually if possible.

What we thought and what we asked in the exam is quite different and difficult.

And in my second attempt as I cleared the first round in the first attempt I request you to give only the project building.

None of them in our batch has cleared in first attempt so I request you to reorganize the project building session EFFECTIVELY.


Hi @cmsathwik44 , I apologise that you had to face this issue. The Support Team has responded with help to resolve your issues. If you need further assistance, please write to the Support at support@edyoda.com.



Hello dear,
I think it is due to some syntax error in your project code that’s why test cases are failed.
Please reach out to support for manual checking if you are confident that most of the functions are correct.
And I sure you will get marks.
Thank you :blush:

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During the second round of project building, no test case has passed because there’s an error in the code. In the “events.json” file, only the keyword “ID” is mentioned, but in the “commandline.py” file, the keyword is written as “Event_ID,” causing a keyword error. As a result, the program is not showing event details. I tried changing the keyword as you suggested, but still, none of the test cases are passing.

Regarding the difficulty level of the projects, I understand your concern. I will make sure to assign projects that align with what we have learned and are manageable for the team.

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Will be taking your feedback

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Don’t worry. Contact support regarding this they will help you for sure👍