Python Quiz-2 oops polymorphism

Hi @shivrajrtandale98 @zk6290254938 ,have a doubt in the Quiz-2 oops concept polymorphism in python certification preparation

in the code print stmt has obj1,… which is not mentioned or declared in the code which throws an exception
why it was marked as wrong answer?
And other question

the execution will not give any input but u have give the answer for this

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@bhavani.gangisheety hello… in question 1 just change obj1 as o1, obj2 as o2 and obj3 as o3. You will ge expected output. In question 2 their may be mistake while assigning answer. It is just for your practice… so don’t worry. Here, your marks will not be deducted.

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but leads to the confusion @shivrajrtandale98

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Yes…@bhavani.gangisheety will try to minimize such errors.