Python output doubt

why for me it is showing as c (compiler)

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Hi @nasreensulthana24080 , please try going to the Settings, changing the compiler to Python from C. That should resolve the issue. however, if you are still facing problem, reach out to us here!

Change your compiler from the drop-down available nearby to run button.
Click on drop down you will get the list of language software available in your system and select appropriate option.

mam, i have a 3.8.0 version. so for this version it will be as compiler. i followed ur instructions. bt again it is showing as compiler mam.


In the screenshot which you marked is not a C compiler.
It is your C drive where your python and vscode exe file is present.

ohhh what should i now. which means is it right? or should i change something


No , you don’t need to change anything.

It is perfect, no issue with your vscode

ok mam, thank you so much for ur time