Python doubt regarding sort fucntion

Choose the correct Statements out of all these:

a) sort() function works in place. For example if x.sort() is done than x will be sorted.

b) sorted() function does not work in place. For example if x.sorted() is done, than x will not be sorted but x.sorted() will return a sorted form of x.

c) random and math are builtin modules.

d) We have to use import statement before using any builtin modules.

I think here all the 4 statements are true.Is not it. Please some one tell


Have you attempted the quiz ?

Yes, i have attempted it long back, now in revising mode, want to clear the doubt regarding

No , all the four statements are not correct.

how come? please explain


Print statement is also a built in function. So, so you use any import module for using that.
No that’s is the reason for option d.

I am not getting this


Tell me print is a built-in function or not?