Python Certification result

Hello team,
my name is harshdip i m from DS240623 batch i got project starement that is amzon replica base code i done code correct even code is running fine then too they didnt give marks i also maild support still not getting any responce from them for reference i m also attached screenshot of ruuning code also i am attaching here please check once

@Vaishalim722 and @shivrajrtandale98 , can you please explain to the student?

shivraj checked your project…i am checking your project again and will update you @harshdip1804

@harshdip1804 can you tell me the module name?

@mvaishali729 i didn’t checked his project

its certification exam round-2 python exam

Hello… @mvaishali729 Harshdip is talking about python certification exam.

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@harshdip1804 mail on support for this…that was a platform glitch

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ok thanks for helping