Problem in react js certification exam (attempt2)

@titiksha.chakraborty maam i have issue in react js certification exam attempt 2 when i open link for project the code editor was not visiable and the support team was not also available time i called them twice they didn’t pick my call on 24/9/2023 (same day for certification) and i reloaded the page four time and on last time i refreshed it showed submit and marked 2/200 on first attempt i scored 276/400 faild only for 4 marks on monday i contacted to support they have given me another project which is tough and not fit in exam hour i.e 3 hour please help me for that
(i am alone in family i work at 2 job from monday to saturday to earn bread butter on SUNDAYi have many work on same day on that sunday my time got wasted due to choas)
and the team are sending me that as we discussed on call (my phone is dead from 2 day i dont have time to fix it the only mean of communication is to me till this sunday is whatsapp installed on my laptop and i didn’t recive any whatsapp message from team) please take a decision ASAP

Hi @manoharkalsi9876 , please don’t worry. Support Team will reach out to you once again and check with you to see what can be done here.

Hi @manoharkalsi9876 , I just had a word with the support team. You need to finish the project that was given to you by Support. Don’t worry you can take time and submit. Just finish it and send it to Support and give the access to your file. We can’t change the project as that is the only project we can send out. Don’t worry, take your time and submit.