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[in this question pls explain me what’s the meaning of if vehicle is bus instance.]

  1. Determine if School_bus is also an instance of the Vehicle class
    class Vehicle:
    def init(self, name, mileage, capacity):
    self.name = name
    self.mileage = mileage
    self.capacity = capacity

class Bus(Vehicle):

School_bus = Bus(“School Volvo”, 12, 50)

4)class is a composite type what’s the meaning of this statement?

  1. A class devised from another class**<----what’s this statement refers to?

  2. what is dynamic binding concept in polymorphisim

7)The process by which one object can acquire the properties of another object: is called?

  1. explain this question and if it’s false then why explain?

  2. mam also give a example for easy to understanding?

  3. How Encapsulation hideing the information pls explain this & also explain encapsulation hideing vs abstraction hideing.?

  4. mam what’s compile overloading & function overloading? how it’s different from constructor overloading & method overloading.?

12)mam if we going to deal with a interface concept what type of modifires we can use?

14)mam operator overloading concept is not possible with which type of operators

  1. Hear it gives a single choice i marked “d” ihave a query for remaining all their has some special method already avilable if yes then pls write it ?

  1. mam what’s static method in oops ?

17)mam what"s the difference between the sub class vs child class?

  1. mam hear no child class is given if amonst all of them one is right pls give a example?

19)Is there is any limit while creating an abstract class is yes then how many instances it can support max?

20Python Program for n\’th multiple of a number in Fibonacci Series

In which particular question are you facing doubts?

sir i face issue all 20 question of oops so please resolve all this questions and sir share me asap

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Why are you asking for answer of all questions? It seems like you are not trying anything from your side. Please revise your notes and try to solve again and the specific doubts what are you not understanding. I am sure that most of answer you will get by revision of your notes, these are basic questions.

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