Nuuk Webapp(HTML CSS assignment)

I got failed in the html css nuuk assignment…I am very motivated to succeed in this course …I believe that with some guidance and feedback…I can make the necessary improvements to meet the requirements and earn a passing grade on this assignment. I have carefully reviewed the feedback you provided and have a clearer understanding of where my shortcomings were…kindly provide me the process on how can I resubmit it to get a good grade


Hi sure during your live sessions and community session you can tell this same thing to your instructor and TAs.

I don’t want to hamper class time is it possible to arrange a meet now ??


Please reach out to @shivtech1906 for clarity or you should talk to your instructor during the live session. They will be able to guide you properly and share relevant feedback. You can use those to improve yourself gradually!


if you still want meeting, please connect me tomorrow just after the class.

hey just message me after the class after friday.