Not Received Certificate for Communication bootcamp

Hi, I have not received the Certificate for communication bootcamp. I have got a good percentage. still, i can not see my certificate there.

Hi @vasu.vashi9 as I can check, you attended the CB020523 batch for Communication Bootcamp. All teh students who have qualified for the Certification have already receieved their certification.

Please make sure you met the following requirements to get certified -

  1. Passed Group Presentation
  2. Passed Self Introduction Video
  3. Had overall good grades of 60% and above.

If any of these requirements were not met, you didn’t qualify for the Communication Bootcamp certification.

However, don’t worry as you can always join the upcoming Communication Bootcamp program. To join the next Communication Bootcamp or the one which is starting today - write a mail to the Support Team - stating the same.

Hi Mam, I met all the criteria that you have listed. But still, I didn’t receive the certificate.

If that is the case @vasu.vashi9 , then please reach out to the Support Team by mailing them at

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Thank you, Mam, I will contact the Support Team.