My classroom was disabled

mam my account(CB040923) was disabled on Saturday and I was not able to do my assignments now I gave my one resume quiz I got 9 marks but 1 marks was deducted due to late submission I have mailed to you but I Don’t know have you seen it or not. Now I have another exam again my deadline is also gone so do I have to give exam if I write again my marks will deducted so request you too once check my assignments for late submission .I hope you Will Understand me mam.

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Hi you can let this know to support team !!

Hi @junaidsyed836 , you have received a reply to your query.

Please note that the deduction of marks is standard protocol and nothing can be done about that. Please focus on submitting your asssignments and quizzes.

For any upcoming quiz and assignments, please reach out to your TAs or instructors and get all your doubts cleared up and then attempt them.

You can recover your score in the upcoming modules, don’t worry.

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