Missed live sessions

Hi Aysha,
I am working professional and some times my working hour getting stretched due to which it wont possible me to attend the live sessions but i watched the recorded sessions on the regular basis but the thing is i am getting problem with the uploading the video of self introduction session so is this thing harm on my performance and marks; though i am managing things regularly; the only suggestion from my side is the edyoda should take note on this and have some provision.

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Hello @pankajp0099

You can upload your self introduction video on google drive or any other platform and share the link in the assignment page. Please note that if you are uploading your video on google drive, you need to give access to the link to your video.

Since you mentioned that you are a working professional, I hope you are aware of the final group presentation (Film Analysis) that is going to happen on 14th April, Friday. Since you are not available to attend the class discussions, you have two options. 1) Get in touch with a classmate of yours and ask them to add you to their group and contribute to the group presentation or 2) You will need to submit a film analysis assignment (both written and recorded film )for that.

Hello @aysha.p ,
Thanks for the doubts clarification; Yes i aware about the film analysis assignment and yesterday somehow i managed and attend the live session of communication bootcamp and enrolled my self in the group 2 as well. so i will try to perform that activity in the live sessioin only to avoid further complication and extra worked.


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