Machine Learning quiz4

1.) What does low bias and high variance means ?
a.) Overloading
b.) Overfitting
c.) Underfitting

2.) How to avoid overfitting?
a ) increase the data size
b.) L1 regularisation
c ) L2 regularisation
d.) All of above

3.) Why is data pre- processing required?

4.) Types of machine learning.

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2.d)all the above
3.Data processing is required to clean and remove the missing values and handle outliers.
4.Supervised machine learning
Unsupervised machine learning
Reinforcement machine learning

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  1. c
  2. To clean data, removing outliers, remove unnecessary columns,scaling of features, ML algorithms deal with numerical values only for that encoding also required, Get the relations between the features etc. To acheive all the above we require data pre-processing.
    4.there are four types of Machine learining:

supervised machine learning
unsupervised machine learning
Reinforced learning
semi-supervised machine learning


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