Machine Learning Quiz 4

1.) What is the correct syntax to import simple imputer ?
a.) from sklearn.impute import SimpleImputer
b.) from sklearn.preprocessing import SimpleImputer
c.) from sklearn.simpleimputet import SimpleImputer
d.) None of above

2.) Which standard libraries to import in the start ?
a.) import pandas
b.) import numpy
c.) import seaborn and matplotlib
d.) All of above

3.)When we should drop a column?
a ) Column having more than 30% missing value
b) Column having more than 20% missing value
c.) Column having more than 40% missing value
d.) Column having more than 10% missing value

4.) What are the various way to treat missing numeric value?
a.) drop the column/ row
b.) forward and backward filling
c.) mean, median, mode
d.) All of above

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  1. a
  2. d
  3. c
  4. d
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answers for the [Machine Learning Quiz 4]
1 a
2 d
3 a
4 d

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Amazing guys @mankargaurav0802 @mayurpuranik9 @sathsaran01

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For question 3.) correct answer is option a.) @sathsaran01

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Quz ans :
1). A
2). D
3). A
4). D

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correct @nyalakondasriharsha1

  1. b
  2. d
  3. d
  4. d
    please find the above answers.
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for Q 1.) correct answer is option A.)
for Q 3.) correct answer is option A.)