I am stuck for submitting my project of Web dev fundamentals certification exam... please help?

@kashif-fsr-ta sir on a day of submission I raised a query regarding extension for submitting project, and it got confirmed but I lost an access to the project related document. I am clear with what necessary dependencies I have to add and which components are to be created.
But I am seeking information regarding the video creation guidelines, so that I can submit the project due before time.
I request you to kindly share the pdf of project guidelines.

The exam I am talking about is Web dev fundamental certification(FSR160123)

Gaurav Rathod

Hi @gauravrtd647 , if you have Certification related problem, then don’t worry and reach out to the Support Team. Write a mail to them explaining your situation. Please wait as the response may take some time but you should get it within 24-48 hrs.

Kashif is no longer the TA for FSR160123, you can reach out to @Salunkheakash619 regarding any issues you have pertaining sessions, but TAs can’t help you with Certifications.