HTML Tag Example

Give any 5 example of html tags?


  1. <h1> - This is a heading tag used to create the largest and most prominent headings on a webpage. You can use <h2> through <h6> to create smaller headings as well.
  2. <p> - This is a paragraph tag used to create a block of text. It is commonly used for long-form content, such as blog posts or articles.
  3. <a> - This is an anchor tag used to create hyperlinks. You can use this tag to link to other webpages, documents, or specific sections within a webpage.
  4. <img> - This is an image tag used to embed images in a webpage. You can use this tag to specify the location of the image file, as well as alt text and other attributes.
  5. <ul> - This is an unordered list tag used to create bulleted lists. You can use this tag with the <li> tag to create individual list items.
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< html > Defines an HTML document
< head > Contains metadata/information for the document
< title > Defines a title for the document
< body > Defines the document’s body
< h1 > to < h6 >Defines HTML headings
< p > Defines a paragraph
< br > Inserts a single line break