HTML assignment related isue

I am from FSR230523. Name is ABHISHEK HEGDE.
I have submitted a wrong URL, so please delete it and give me an option of resubmitting it, or guide me how to resubmit the link.

Thank You

@abhishekmhegde I have deleted your old submission now you can able to resubmit it. Please submit other pending assignments also.

iam from FSR130623 NAME Jeeth Bopanna N A
i too have submitted the wrong link to the assignment ( fav fast food web page)
please do the need full so that i can resubmit it

@jeethbopannawork Please contact to your batch TA they only have the rights to enable option to resubmit.sorry! I am not having access to your batch.

can u please direct me where to raise this query

@jeethbopannawork I conveyed this to the team in general section soon you will get query solved.

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@jeethbopannawork I can I delete your submitted assignment then you ll be able to submit your new assignment’s working link. But you need to submit your working link again after I delete. would that be fine?

Please contact to @poojagarva