Fun Puzzles - Try Out!

Anagram game:

Create a program that reads a list of words from a file and shuffles the letters of each word to create an anagram. The program should then display the anagram and ask the user to guess the original word.

Word search:

Generate a grid of random letters and a list of words to search for within that grid. The program should then challenge the user to find all the words in the grid.

Number guessing game:

Generate a random number between 1 and 100 and ask the user to guess what it is. Provide feedback to the user after each guess (e.g., “too high” or “too low”) until they correctly guess the number.


Choose a random word from a list and display underscores for each letter in the word. The user can guess one letter at a time, and if they guess a correct letter, the program should fill in all instances of that letter in the word. If they guess an incorrect letter, the program should keep track of the number of incorrect guesses and display a hangman figure.

Sudoku solver:

Create a program that can solve a Sudoku puzzle. You can either generate a random puzzle for the user to solve, or allow the user to input their own puzzle.