Free image hosting site?

Could anyone tell me what is the best and free image hosting platform which should not reduce the quality of the image

I tried Google drive and cloudinary also, Google drive public url is not working for images the link used in img tag is not showing image, and coming to cloudinary it is working fine but the expiration date is 30 days to access… i need free full lifetime access link to use in my webpage … finally i need to create API from mockapi


if you take out the UNIQUE_ID from Google drive public URL for that image and put in this URL your image can be hosted{UNIQUE_ID}

But it will take 1-3 sec or more (based on your image size) to load.
try it and let me know if you get into any problems.


This is the public url which one should I remove

UNIQUE_ID is the random string you can see in Google drive public URL.

this is your Google drive public URL,
for this URL UNIQUE_ID is ‘1S4qgutBmfZ3I5IAmHeQzHflikspZWArB’{UNIQUE_ID}
you just need to replace {UNIQUE_ID} with your UNIQUE_ID
like this
and now you can use this URL

if img is still not visible you can try this URL{UNIQUE_ID}

like this

Hope this will help you

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May i know how it is working with the link u shared

Could you tell me how to create this type of link

or use this URL and then replace{UNIQUE_ID}

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Yeah, i got your point but iam, asking could you tell me how you created this url

Hello @kollidayakar77 ,

I would recommend you to please checkout this website this has free image hosting plan with limit of 24 mb size


It is very easy to use as you have to just add the images and it will provide you hosted link.


got the original URL from here
and did some modifications.

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Thank you so much Aniket_Palaskar , you solved my problem, thank you very much

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